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By Rodney W.


I have an Associates degree in Computer Integrated Drafting and Design Technology.  While I currently work in land surveying, I still like to utilize my drafting degree on my own time.  I also enjoy the game of golf.  For a while, I wanted to design a putter head for my own use.  So, as of the past few weeks, I have been trying to do just that.  I am looking to have one of my designs machined out of some metal of my choice to make the putter.  Today (01/16/2004), I went to a machinist to look at how much it would cost and such.  I described some of what I wanted to accomplish with this current design.  Since the putter head was of my design, I could tell him about the dimensions and what I hoped to accomplish with the design.  Basically, anything he needed to know about the design I would be able to tell him about because it was my design.


To those who hold to Christianity, obviously we know God as Creator.  Since He is our Creator, he would HAVE to know EVERYTHING there is to know about His creation.  He would have to know even the minutest details of every single creation.  In Luke 12:7, Jesus said, Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered There is such OVERWHELMING evidence for the detailed creation of the universe (e.g. one oxygen atom separates water from a poison) that one cannot HELP but acknowledge the Creator.  We are of Divine Design.  Its TRULY AMAZING when we truly reflect on what it means to be of Divine Design.  Our Creator knows every minute detail of His creation.  Theres really no way of not knowing everything there is to know about your own design.  God is no different.  Even more amazing is the fact that He still loves us, in spite of our imperfections.  Let us all take immense pleasure of being a Divine Design.


In love from God above,



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