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Article: The New Tolerance

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Nick P.

Our society has pushed forth tolerance as the new virtue of the day. To not be tolerant is to be the worst of sinners of society. Is this really a good thing though or is this a hidden seed of hatred?

One is told to be accepting of all ideas but it goes beyond this. If you disagree with the idea, you are seen to be hating the person. For instance, if someone disagrees that Christianity is the only way and I disagree with them, then I am hating them for not agreeing with them. This is not so.

In fact, this is ultimately dehumanizing. A person is not equal to their ideas. A person is who they are underneath despite their ideas. This is how one loves the sinner but hates the sin. One hates the actions without hating the performer of the actions. A person is no more equal to their ideas than they are to their actions.

But why this tolerance? What's the cover for it? The reason is of course to deny Jesus Christ and mainly his deity. Christians believe in the deity of Jesus Christ. It is an essential of the Christian faith. Why is this so hotly denied and why is Christ being the only way denied?

Man ultimately will find a God. He will follow the lie of Satan that he will be like God, or he will let go and let God be like God. The man who denies Christ is the only way is denying God. He is saying he will make his own way and is thus trying to be God. The main denial of Jesus is based that if we say Jesus is God, we have to admit that we aren't.

But humanity has longed for control. Take any crime you see. It is a crime of control. A man rapes to be in control of another body. A chlid abuser abuses to control his kids. A murderer murders to control when a human will live or not. A bank robber robs to control the economic needs of himself and others. It all comes back to control.

When we let go and tell Jesus he is God, we admit that he is in control. He is the one in charge of our lives. There is an old saying that goes, "There are two things I've learned in life. #1. There is a God. #2. I'm not him." How profound and how we need to recognize this.

The apostles knew who was in charge. They wrote anticipating the end of the world but not knowing when simply said "soon." They showed their eager expectation but also their assurance that God was in control. The whole book of Revelation can be to show us God is in control.

The new tolerance would have us think otherwise though. To be tolerant of everything is to hate everything. What parent would tolerate their kids playing with electrical wires. What father would tolerate his daughter working at a strip club? What good friend would tolerate their closest one doing suicidal practices? We speak out against things not because we don't love, but because we love so much.

I suggest we examine the new tolerance. Either Jesus is God and we trust on him, or else we will say we are God and we will find our own way to Heaven. if Jesus is right though and is God, then those who take the latter path are in for a hard walk.

Comments? Questions? Thoughts? Suggestions? (Insults were due yesterday)

God bless

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