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By Nick P.

I don't know about anyone else on this list, but sometimes, certain things I see in the church and the world around me and within my own personal world really upset me. Sometimes, I wonder if it's just me, but could it really be that I'm the only one with the guts to talk about them.

I'm sick of hearing people complain that the lost come to church to be entertained. Well geez! Do you think anyone goes around looking for a way to be bored? The whole point of getting them to church is to get them to change their nature.

I'm sick of hearing Christians talk about pleasure as if it was a dirty word. I think a lot of emphasis will be on pleasure in Heaven because so many people denied themselves it down here in the name of holiness.

I'm sick of having the church complain about sex on TV when they don't talk about it any in church. Maybe the reason so many have the world's view on sex is because the church has never spoken up about it. At least the world has the guts to put forward their view.

I'm sick of all this talk about violence on TV. Well maybe the reason Superman and Batman don't have peace talks with these people is because they're psychopaths? Why not complain whenever a sniper shoots down someone holding people in a hostage situation?

I'm sick of people that talk about the love of God and at the same time seem to celebrate when people go to Hell. I'd swear that some people would practically like to watch with a bag of popcorn when people enter Hell.

I'm sick of feeling like I have to watch everything closely to make sure Satan's fingerprints aren't on it in some minor way when Paul said to eat anything in the market without even raising questions of conscience.

I'm sick of it when people talk about hearing from God all the time but don't have a clue on the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.

I'm sick of having to put up with people who would never once study the Bible but are sure of their interpretation because it's what the Holy Spirit told them.

I'm sick of people that are going into a panic over SpongeBob or Harry Potter corrupting their children, but at the same time, aren't giving them warning about the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons, groups statistically proven to invade and pick off Bible-believing born again Christians.

I'm sick of having to live my life in fear because of so many Christian consciences around me I could be living in sin in so many ways and God is obviously watching me under a microscope.

I'm sick of just not even being able so often to enjoy my life because the church condemns at least one thing about everything enjoyable.

I'm sick of the church making guys feel guilty because we think a girl is attractive. Hello! That's how God made us!

I'm sick of us making things up. Why don't we just admit that sometimes we'd rather watch a movie than pray, read the comics instead of the Bible, and do a myriad of other things. I'm also sick of having people think you're sinful based on how much time you spend in each activity.

I'm sick of people saying that they care about you but not listening to you. I'm sick of having to always hide aspects of myself especially at church because we all have to live such perfect lives there to be seen as good Christians.

I'm sick of spiritual acts. Let's just admit that at times, we don't pray for some people because we honestly don't have such a concern. At root many times, we're selfish people. Let's go on and admit that to God. He knows it already anyhow.

I'm sick of Christians always speaking in Christianese. Would it kill you to talk about anything else just once?

Finally, I'm sick of knowing that I'm just as responsible for a lot of my sicknesses. Now I ask the church, would you please band together and help me, or dare I say us, return to the great physician to heal our sickness?

In Christ,

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