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By Nick P.

When you're out among the people, it doesn't take long to realize that you have critics. Now among the skeptics and cultists of this world, I expect criticism. In fact, if they weren't talking about me, I would be concerned. However, after time and time again of having to put up with criticism from Christians, I wanted to write out a simple defense.

There are doctrinal issues we differ on. I am old-earth, post-trib, amillenial, doesn't believe you can lose your salvation, non-Calvinist, and non-Arminian for instance. These are just some minor issues to me. If you disagree, that is fine. I respect your right to hold to a differing belief even if I'm convinced it's wrong. I will be glad to respectfully discuss it with you as long as it doesn't reach the point where we'd break fellowship over it.

I also want you to know that I have other interests. A lot of people don't understand my interests and are ready to condemn me to Hell for them and tell everyone to stay away from me as if I was a heretic. To those people who know me first off, let me make a few clear statements.

When the heretic or skeptic comes by, who is the one who is willing to stand up and face him? If someone is wanting to learn something, who is willing to answer any question he can? I have done these things and yet for some reason, there is still nit-picking on matters which are frankly silly?

How many people out there who are reading this who know me have known me as someone who is willing to shoot you straight. If I think you're out of line with something, I can respectfully discuss it in private. In the same way, there are many who have found that they can come to me and trust me with their problems and that I will listen and will pray for them.

Most of you have not walked a mile in my shoes. You think you know me, but you really don't. Perchance before you're so quick to leap to the conclusion that I'm the Antichrist in disguise sneaking into the church to try to lure as many people as I can into the pits of Hell, get to know me.

I find this the hottest with the Harry Potter issue especially. In my library, I have a copy of John Granger's book "Looking For God In Harry Potter." It;s one of the most fascinating books on fantasy literature I;ve ever read. I tell people about this book and I get told "Well he's not in there!" If you're so confident read what my friend (And I call him friend as I have been in email contact with him) has written on this subject. He came from a skeptical position as well. You're sure I'm wrong, but remember, there's a chance you could be wrong as well.

I will also add in that there are three ways people respond to my beliefs. They either agree, which I'll admit I prefer above all others, they disagree agreeably, which I highly respect because they still see me as their brother in Christ, or they disagree and start wanting to unleash their arsenal on me as a heretic. You can guess my view on this bunch.

And let me go on ahead and call it as I see it. It's self-righteousness. I meet a lot of people that seem to have the doctrine and beliefs down, but they don't care about people. Let me break this to you. If you can't care about me, you can't care about anyone else. After all, we are all in God's image and each person is someone Jesus Christ loves and died for. If you cannot care for me then, you are insulting his sacrifice.

If any of you wish to discuss with me, I'm open. I would love the chance to get to tell you about where I'm coming from and some reasons why I believe the things I do. I have reasons for every doctrinal stance I hold. You may think they're wrong, but I have reasons for them.

And besides, isn't it about time we stopped back-biting each other and getting to the work of ministry?

In Christ,

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