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Yo Nick!

By Nick P.

I'd like to confess something to you. If it wasn't for the fact that the Bible tells us that the church would not be conquered, I would be far more concerned than I am right now. I get my concern when I see bumper stickers that are supposed to express divine insights, and most especially, when I walk into a Christian bookstore.

Have you ever been in those bookstores where they have their bestsellers? I was in one today and Joyce Meyer was #2 on the bestseller list. Anybody know her? She's the one who says that Jesus was born-again in Hell. I see T.D. Jakes up there as well. He's a Oneness Pentecostal. The church fathers would be shocked if they saw what has happened to us now. Athanasius faced persecution for his belief in the Trinity. Today, we're pretty much saying he faced persecution for nothing. We should just hold hands with the modalists. Apparently, the nature of God doesn't matter.

I go further and what do I see but Bishop Spong's book of "Rescuing the Bible From Fundamentalism." Does anybody remember Bishop Spong? He's the one who thinks it's barbaric to say that Jesus Christ died on a cross for the sins of the world. Some people have asked me what he believes. I state it simply. Look at what orthodox Christians believe and he believes the opposite.

And how many books are in there about feeling better about yourself? Now there's nothing wrong with feeling good and having a proper view of one's self, but if that's all Christianity is about, I might as well go get a prescription to Prozac. I can get a happy feeling that way. Of course, this isn't to condemn people who really do suffer with depression. I do think that can happen, and I think a pop culture Christianity can often be to blame.

Yet you go in and say "Where are the intellectual works?" Where are the books by Norman Geisler, Ravi Zacharias, Gary Habermas, Peter Kreeft, and so many others? Well, there's a tiny little bookshelf at the very back and those books are shelved behind a bunch of others.

Today, in our world, if you go up to the average person and say that the reason you're a Christian is because Jesus Christ brings you great joy to your life, chances are they'll say "Well I'm happy you've found something that works for you." If you say "Well he's the truth!", they'll answer and say "Well he's true for you."

If a Muslim comes up to this person and says that Allah brings them happiness, they'll say the same thing. If a Buddhist says that he gets it from the noble path, he'll get the same thing. We live in a culture that does not think with logic but with feelings. As long as you're sincere, you're in.

If you go up to someone though and say "I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe he claimed to be God. I believe he died and was buried and rose on the third day," they could be friendly up to that point. However, utter this next sentence and watch them get upset. "I believe he's the only way to salvation and all other paths are false."

Honesty was once a virtue in America. We've been through a president though who wanted to redefine truth and said "Well that depends on what your definition of the word 'is' is." Don't think it doesn't have an effect? I have a friend who's a High School principal and catches kids having oral sex. Their defense is that it's not sex. I wodner how that got started.

No. Honesty is no longer a virtue. Today, it's tolerance. It's not biblical tolerance. Biblical tolerance is a fine view every Christian should have. It's the view that "I don't agree with your view, but I will love you anyway." Today's tolerance equates the view with the person. You think Muslims are wrong? Then you hate Muslims. The worst sin in today's world, is to offend someone.

Let's be blunt up front. Our message is offensive. Why? People don't like to be told that they're sinners going to Hell and unless they submit to a higher authority, they will keep going down that path. Some of us don't like that idea always ourselves. Every time we sin, we reveal a part of us that doesn't like the idea. Personally, I'd love to change the rules at times so a Hindu can get to Heaven, but I can't. I didn't make the rules. I just abide by them.

Our message must go beyond feelings in this day and age. I think it must have two qualities to it. It must be true first off. Secondly, it must be desirable. We have to show that God is the God of all truth, and we have to show that God is the God of all beauty. What he is offering is something that deep down, we all really desire, even if we deny it at times. This is Peter Kreeft's and C.S. Lewis's argument from desire.

Will some people get upset? Yes. But we can either offend them now and give them a chance to come to the truth, or we can avoid offending them so they can have to deal with an eternal offense before the judgment seat of Christ. If any change is going to happen though, it has to start with us.

We need to support the life of the mind in the church. Look at groups today like the JWs and the Mormons. These groups are here because people didn't handle the truth properly. What if someone had really sat down with Charles Russell or Joseph Smith and explained the truth? Could things have been different in history?

It might have seemed like a couple of abberant teachers back then, but then you look at today. Millions belong to these organizations. Some people speculate that Mormonism could be the next world religion. Most of us have had Jehovah's Witnesses knock on our door in their evangelistic efforts. I personally stop at the laundromats in our area and pick up the magazines when I can. I realize there's a chance someone uninformed could pick them up, and soon start having an organization do all their thinking for them.

If we had no word from Jesus, I would say the battle would be lost. Now just because Jesus says that the church will not fall, does not mean that we are to be totally passive. I think today is the time for action. We need to stand up to the lies of our time and say "No more." The evolutionsts have had enough of their run in our public schools. No more. The media has saturated us enough with this nonsense that we all serve the same God really. No more. The JWs and Mormons have been the ones known for doing evangelism. No more. Now's the time for Christians to stand up for the truth. Today is the day. A dying world needs the truth.

In Christ,

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