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Yo Nick!

By Nick P.

I'd like to suggest to you a technique I've been using lately in dealing with JWs. JWs are often quite unsure of their personal salvation. In dealing with one at a friend's place recently, I brought up 1 John 5:13 to which the JWs immediately hurried away as quickly as they could. The idea that you can know you're saved does not compute.

Now I love a good Trinity debate, but that is not what's going to always be the best here. The reason is the JW will always go with a hard question to the Watchtower and get an answer. While I agree, it's not a valid answer, it will be one that the JW accepts. Remember, it doesn't matter if you see the answer as valid. What matters is if they see it as valid? Why will they take it as such? Because they trust the Watchtower.

My contention then is that the strategy is to remove that link from the Watchtower. In essence, we have to unplug them from the Matrix. How do we do that? We deal with the Watchtower where they can be shown to be wrong to anyone. After all, if the Watchtower is wrong in the things I can test, why should I trust them in things I can't test?

Where do we go for that? We go to the Watchtower false prophecies. If you've never looked this up, it's really simple to do. A websearch could give you enough information even on Watchtower false prophecies. There are books out also that will show you printed pages of Watchtower material that has these prophecies.

Having done that, you turn to Deuteronomy 18. When the JW comes, I now ask them this question. "Deuteronomy 18 specifically forbids listening to a false prophet. How will you justify this before Jehovah at judgment?"

Let's consider some answers.

"Well, you believe in the Trinity!"

This is simply the fallacy of tu quoque. You know, maybe you do think that's a sin, but on Judgment Day, you have to give account for your sins. Not my sins. If the Trinity is wrong, God will judge me for that. However, you can see hear that what you believe IS wrong on prophecy. Interestingly enough, this attack does not DENY that the Watchtower made a false prophecy.

"Where does the Bible teach a triune God?"

This isn't what we're discussing though. We can discuss the Trinity after we get past this question of authority. Why should I trust the exegesis of the Watchtower when they clearly make a huge mistake in this passage and in essence, command their followers to sin?

Let me state also for my readers that I'm not saying the Trinity is unimportant. It's definitely important. We just get to it AFTER the link with the Watchtower has been severed. At that time, the JW will be more willing to listen to other opinions.

"What Nathan prophesied didn't happen!"

Nathan is often treated in the same way in 2 Samuel 7. He says to the king "God is with you," and in the night, God gives him a message to give to David. Unfortunately, Nathan hadn't really made a prophecy. He simply stated what we would call today as "More power to you."

Furthermore, let's suppose it was. If that was the case, David would have had him ejected as the prophet immediately based on Deuteronomy 18. Also, that STILL would not justify the WT making a false prophecy. After all, we could point to many sins of many biblical figures and say "Well they did that so I guess it's okay." Sin is sin, no matter who does it.

Remember if you use this technique, the JW will try to change the topic. Don't let them! This is their eternity you are thinking about. I love to debate the Trinity, but I will not let myself get caught up in this debate. I say, go straight to the false prophecies and remove the JWs from their link.

Remember, this is about their salvation. It's already on shaky grounds to them in the Watchtower. Remove those grounds and then point them to real grace, the triune God of all grace that loves them just as they are, even if they're not going door to door.

In Christ,

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