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Article: The Heart of the Matter

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Nick P.

Hello all. Today, I would like to look at what is wrong with our world today? I would prefer to just go to the heart of the matter though. I plan to start at the very beginning.

The first chapter of Genesis goes into creation. I'd like to know that this is one of the first places humanism starts. Humanism will readily embrace a universe that came out of nothing or an infinite regress but an all-knowing God out of nothing is nonsense. This is a double-standard that shoots itself in the foot. There has to be an uncaused cause somewhere outside of time to avoid an infinite regress.

We see the beauty of creation in this chapter but what has humanism reduced it to? A chancy process that just barely made it. We have no purpose for our being when God creates all with a purpose clearly. Note that humanism removes purpose from life. Life without purpose means you create your own purpose whatever way you see fit.

Every man worships something. What an atheist does in admiring the universe is saying that chaos and randomness made it. Thus, he worships chaos as his creator. Is it any wonder that if chaos is one's God then they themselves will turn out to be chaotic themselves in their worldview. Now not all atheists are of course but it is the logical outworking of it.

When we get to mankind, we see God creates them in his image. Humanism has chosen to make God be the image. They don't make a God in their image but God is their image. Mankind is forced to deny external deity to keep up his own internal deity.

Note that in the next chapter God gives man rule over the land. Mankind in humanism doesn't stop there. They seek total rule of the cosmos. Mankind wants to banish God from the universe be it twisted attempts from quantam physics or aliens from another planet. Mankind will believe anything to avoid believing God.

Now the next main thing is the coming of the woman. I think much of sin can be traced here. Not because the woman is sinful but because man takes God's first gift and starts there with a twisting. David Seamands as a Christian counselor writes of stories of big brothers and fathers who take their daughters behind the house to introduce them to the mysteries....no....the miseries...of sex.

Let's take a look at this part of creation and how humanism has tampered it. First off, God immediately puts up the stipulation of covenant. Mankind has shattered this though. How many people have been hurt by sex because of this?

You can go to so many counseling centers and find people who have been hurt because man violated the first part. Man chose the greatest pleasure God could give without the covenant. without covenant, love is not love. It is only a lust.

The act is also to represent man getting as close to God as possible. Now mankind only wants to get as close to mankind as possible. How can you possibly have a relationship of such depth without realizing the source of a relationship of depth?

Further, it was a picture of us becoming one with God. Man wants to become one with man or in the case of New Age religions, one with the universe. The universe has either become God or man has become God but both ways seek to deny the real creator.

Notice when we get to Satan what he does. Notice that the first thing he brings doubt to. The very words of God themselves. How many theologians today who claim Christ are more and more discounting the very words of God? What does this lead to? Let us see.

After the Words of God are discounted, his very motives and trustworthiness are discounted. The very being who had given them life is now seen to be in a plot against them. Unbelievable. Mankind distrusts the very being that gives them life for no reason at all.

Eve takes of the fruit. Humanism comes about right there. Mankind tries to remian in Utopia without the rule of God. Note that this is what all sin is. All sin is mankind trying to say that his will is better than God's.

Now what have we today? Man is out of the garden but trying to force his way in. Man is wanting paradise but not the God of paradise. All of this comes to the heart of the matter. Sin is man trying to reclaim Eden without God.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Questions? (Insults were due yesterday)

God bless.

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