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Article: The Joy of Sufferers

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Nick P

Hello all. It's good to write again. I had to write today about an experience that I had at a restaurant.

It had been a hard day. I had actually slept some through the night when a sickness had kept me up which was allergies. I had been to the doctor's office and left a bottle of water I take with me there. I was feeling pretty rotten and tired and with a sore throat and many of the same worries and concerns every guy in college has. The drugstore wasn't too far from the pizza parlor so I decided to go there while I had my prescription filled.

The table not too far from me clearly had a girl that was disabled. A very young one. The husband went out and got in the car when they were done and the older sister took the younger disabled one to the bathroom. The mother saw me there reading my Bible and apologized for interrupting my studying which she hadn't done.

I knew I might be intruding but I asked her what her daughter had. The lady sat down and proceeded to tell me her daughter had cerebral palsy and was non-verbal. She could only make weird sounds. I decided that this would be a good chance to start a conversation on the value of human beings.

I told her I was thinking of what I heard Greg Koukl say on Hank Hanegraaff's radio show the other day. He was saying that Dr. Peter Singer, obviously a noted doctor, believed that handicapped children should be killed at birth. The mother instantly said "That irks me." I had to agree.

She then told me that the girl, Katie, was a picture of joy. Katie was always happy. She fully enjoyed life. I took this chance to say I notice atheists usually complain about suffering and evil from the outside. However, go to Sudan where Christians are persecuted for their faith and see if they are complaining about the problem of evil there. Those who are sufferign seem to not complain as much as those who are not.

I then told her that she could have a young Stephen Hawkings on her hand. If you don't know him, Stephen Hawking is the man who came up with the Big Bang theory. Stephen Hawking also has Lou Gehrig's disease. He is immobilized except for a millimeter movement of a finger which he uses with a huge machine he has built for him to speak.

Despite how you feel about this man's beliefs, he is a genius. Yet, if Peter Singer had his way, Hawkings would not be considered human. A human being, note this, does not receive value based on what they do or what conditions or status they have but on one thing: THEY ARE PEOPLE CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD WITH A SOUL THAT CHRIST DIED FOR.

I invited the lady to come here me preach at an upcoming date. They were very nice and as I saw them drive off I thought, "How often do I look down on my own life and the problems I've had? However, this girl, who might not live to be the 21 I am now, is far happier than I usually am. How often does she receive jokes and mockery and yet she smiles. She is happy."

Friends. Without God in our society, these people would be seen as useless. These would be the ones killed in the survival of the fittest. These would be the less fit of the others. These would be unneeded humans that are merely using resources.

With Christ, they are one worth going to a cross for.

And so are you.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Questions? (Insults were due yesterday)

God bless

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