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Article: Beauty

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Nick P

Yesterday, I was in the check-out line at the grocery store where my Mom had sent me to do some shopping. Check-out lines at grocery and department stores are fascinating places. They are sad too because you can see how far down society has come. My major clue was the magazine rack.

The magazines for teenage girls were saddening. 6 ways to make bonding better in bed. My thought was, how about bonding outside of bed? Now I have no objection to a husband and wife improving their romantic lives together but is this the message for yuonger ones? What is underlying this?

Might I suggest something? Perchance our society is looking for love. Sadly, they do not get it in a materialistic society. Now you may think you are a Christian and not affected. Wake up. We no longer live in a Christian culture. We live in a materialistic culture that has banished God. It is hard to not be affected by this.

Thus, our young ladies try to improve their image. I know guys do this but society seems to move towards ladies more so I'm addressing them. A recent commercial I've seen on TV is for Victoria's Secret. The ad has a girl removing her coat to reveal just women's underwear. She dances and sways then to what seems like French singing. The closing is "All you see is curves."

Is this what a woman has been reduced to? Just a body? Indeed it is in a materialistic culture. In such a culture, there is no soul to anyone. All someone is is a physical being. The body is all that there is and there's nothing essential to anyone. Self-worth has been diminished.

Might I add that as beautiful as the human body is, and as a guy, I can safely say I prefer the female body, it cannot compare to the beauty of the soul. The beauty of the heart within is what the apostle Peter told us was where a woman's real beauty was located.

But what if there is no soul? Then the utmost you can receive is physical gratification. This is why I believe so many young ladies are throwing their bodies around. They are looking for gratification. They are having sex early also because they want to get what they believe is the ultimate.

But what is more depressing than getting the ultimate and not having it be ultimate? This ultimately leads to meaningless. I believe it was G.K. Chesterton who said meaningless does not come from being weary of pain but being weary of pleasure. The pleasures aren't enough and that is all they know. Many couples have bonded physically but have they ever bonded with their soul? Could this also lead to the high divorce rate and pre-marital cohabitation.

What the young ladies need to realize is while their bodies can be beautiful and there is no need to negate that or discourage it, their bodies are not them. They are more than bodies. They are souls. They have infinite worth. Think now on why animal sacrifices couldn't remove sin.

Animals are finite creatures. They're not in God's image. They don't bear his likeness. They are not of infinite worth though they are of worth. People are. They have infinite value but with an infinite debt to an infinite being. What can be needed but an infinite payment by an infinite being, thus the cross.

Now may I say something to the men here? Men. We need to get our drives under control as well and also get past our machoism. We have been raised that men are the ones who "score with the babes." and that we are to never show our feelings. Take both of those ideas. Do they match the life of the greatest man who ever lived, Jesus Christ?

Men. Women are not objects to be conquered. They are people created in the image of God. They have infinite value. They are worthy of love because God loves them so much he sent his only son to die for them. We should treat them as such. Since God sees something so special in them, we should too.

I am reminded of the story of the Promisekeepers rally in Washington once. Thousands of men gathered to pledge loyalty to God and their families. The National Organization of Women didn't like this. Three women preceeded to enter the rally topless and turn these men around. What a shock when the men turned their backs on them.

But do you see what the women were doing? The feminist movement has wanted women to be treated with dignity and not as objects. But what were the feminists doing? They were disgracing themselves as objects. They seek to have more than a position of having babies but encouraging an act where having a baby is natural result. In a sense, they were asking to be used.

Men. At this, I realize we also need to be cautious of our own possibility of temptation. This is our machoism also. We think even as Christians we are above temptation. Let me give some personal examples.

I believe I respect women. I believe they are people in the image of God. They are to be treated as valuable. I believe God has clearly condemned sex before marriage in the Bible. Does this mean though that I am not tempted with lust? Indeed, by admitting my own weakness, I can rise above it. When I think I am above it,  I have fallen to it.

Imagine other examples. I am an apologist as well. I have spent years studying my faith. I have lived it. I have had God pull me out of hard times time and time again. I have more evidence to believe than I did years ago. Does this mean that I am above the tendency of doubt?

I have the knowledge I need at times to defeat most atheists. I have seen them go running before from my arguments. I have heard numerous compliments from fellow Christians when they see questions can be answered. I have heard my own family brag about me on the phone. I can assure you, I am tempted with pride.

Men. Now is the time to admit that the male attitude in this nation of men is not right. We ourselves are more than sex objects as well. We have souls. We are not bound in the physical. We need to learn if we are to love and care for women to be able to drop the macho. We have to open ourselves up to them if we care for them. WE HAVE TO! This is not an option. Jesus was very open with his feelings. Do you see Jesus trying to hide his tears ever in Scripture?

Today, evolutionary thought has made our youth think they are animals. Now if you have a cat or a dog you know this. An animal reproduces whenever its in heat. Human beings are not to be the same way. God gave us a sacred covenant and set the standards. Why? To reduce the pleasure? NO! To increase the pleasure. God created this for US to enjoy but set the standards so we could get the most out of it.

Our society today has women in tight bikinis and such parading in posters everywhere in a women's clothing store. Girls model themselves after supermodels including plastic surgery thinking guys will like them more for their bodies. Girls. If a guy only likes you for your body, dump him! It's plain and simple. A girl is more than a body. She is a soul in the image of God.

Today, I believe that we could end many sexual problems in our society like rape, abortion, child molestation, teen pregnancy, and STD's, if we returned to the biblical model. Remember,  this model was followed in Eden and until they got kicked out, we have no reason to believe they didn't enjoy it.

Today, be beautiful for who you are and not just your body.

Comments? Questions? Thoughts? Suggestions? (Insults were due yesterday.)

God bless

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