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Article: Why I am not an Atheist

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Nick P

You know, people often tell me that Christianity is an irrational belief. No
one with any sense would hold to it. Not only do I hold that it is the most
rational and logical belief, I plan to demonstrate that atheism is an
irrational position.

Let's start with two things we can all hopefully agree on.

#1-Things exist.
#2-It's wrong to torture babies for fun.

The first one, things exist. Now ocassionally, you'll hear the never-ending
skeptic say, "I'm not ready to admit that! This could all be an illusion!"
(Ever wonder, if it is, it must be a real illusion so something must be real
either way.)

By the way, if you really believe all reality is an illusion and your
thoughts are in charge, try thinking that while walking across the
interstate. Try not looking both ways whenever you cross the street. Try
imagining all your bills are paid and that kind of thing.

Descartes himself thought about this and then he decided, "I may doubt
reality, but there is one thing I cannot doubt and that is that I am
doubting." You have to exist in order to make any thoughts about reality.

'Nuff said about that point. I don't meet many atheists who hold it anyhow.
From this point on, I'll be assuming reality is real.

Now the most noted object of all is the universe. We have two conclusions we
can come to about the universe. Either it began or it has always been. Now
let's see if it's possible for it to be eternal.

If the universe has always been, it is infinitely old. Now join me in an
exercise. Numbers are potentially infinite. They could go on forever. You can
always add one more. Now let's see if we can count to infinity....

1, 2, 3, 4.....

78,564, 78565, 78566....

1 billion 1, 1 billion 2, 1 billion 3....

3 quintillion, 3 quintillion 1, 3 quintillion 2.....

You noticed it huh? I'm not getting anywhere close. Why? Becuase I'd be
completing an infinite set if I ever reached the end and you can't complete
an infinite set. That violates the logical law of Noncontradiction.

If you can't do it forward, you can't do it backward. Otherwise, this moment
in time, if the universe was infinitely old, would be the completion of an
infinite set of events beforehand.

Thus, if the universe had a beginning, was it caused or uncaused?

Now this part is really simple because everything that begins to exist has a
cause. In fact, if you say it was uncaused, then you are saying something
came from nothing. That would mean if I asked, "What was the something that
created the universe?", you'd say "Nothing was that something." You speak of
nothing as it was something. Something=Something and nothing=nothing. To say
nothing=something violates a second law of logic, the Law of Identity.

Now if it had a cause, was it personal or impersonal?

Fortunately, there are only those two types. If you walk into your house and
it's a mess you can either say, "Who did this?" or "What did this?" You would
not say "How did this?", "Where did this?", "When did this?", or "Why did
this?" (You could say those be ending it with happen but in and of themselves
they're incomplete sentences and don't answer the real question of the

A what is obviously an impersonal cause. And all whats are caused by another
what. It's like those dominoes that keep falling over or those cartoon traps
Foghorn Leghorn used to get caught up in. There was a chain reaction. All the
whats were caused by another what until what? A PERSONAL CAUSE!

Free agents need no explanation for what they do. They can just do it. Now I
know what you're asking. Alright! Then who created God?!

God is outside of the space-time continuum. Thus, there was no "Time" when he
could have appeared. There would have to be a before when God wasn't but
without time, there is no before. Could I be wrong on this? Maybe? But you'd
have to prove the universe is either eternal, which is impossible, uncaused,
which is impossible, or after an infinite chain of events, which is

Thus, the first point, I find ends in God.

Now the second point, It's wrong to torture babies for fun.

Now if you don't agree with this, two words. GET HELP! There's something
wrong with you then.

There is some moral law that states that this is wrong. If the moral law is
here by chance, why should I care though? In fact, if there is a moral law
then it proves immaterial things exist. Your thoughts are immaterial even. In
fact, take a moment and think about what is most important in your life.

Got it?

Was it a physical object?

Most people say, "Happiness. Love. Success. etc." None of these are physical
objects. They're all immaterial. Science can't prove any of them.

Think about this then. Immaterial objects exist!

Now about this law, if it is true, what does it mean? There is a moral law
and if we feel guilty, maybe it's because we are guilty. If we're guilty,
guess what? We need a savior.

Might I suggest this savior is found in Christianity?

Could I be wrong. Maybe. But what will you have to show me?

Life came from non-life.

Something came from nothing.

Order came from disorder.

Natural laws came by chance.

Morality came by accident.

Frankly, I don't have enough faith to be an atheist.

Commets? Questions? Thoughts? Suggestions? (Insults were due yesterday)


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