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Article: The War of Reason

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Nick P.

As I look over our world today and see what the Christian worldview faces, I am greatly distressed. Not because we have a powerful opponent but because we have a weak one.

What I am talking about are the myths of pluralism and relativism. Where our world will say all truths are true and all truths are equally true.

I cannot begin to fathom how incoherent this worldview is. Paul told Timothy than in the last days they would be always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth. (2 Tim. 3:7) In the next verse, he cites Jannes and Jambres as examples. Jewish tradition says these were the magicians that opposed Moses.

What do we have with them? We have them denying that they have the power to do that which Moses is doing but at the same time denying his power. They have the truth blatantly written before their eyes but it would be easier to deny it rather than to accept it.

So rather than be ignorant, in our culture we take another step and say truth doesn't even exist. All the while, expecting what is said to be truthful which is ironic. But to avoid total ignorancy, we say, if it does exist, it is different for everyone.

If these people truly believed that, they would have no need to force their views for whatever they feel is true would be true regardless of whether we feel it is true or not so in argueing for subjective truth they deny subjective truth.

I fear that our society is in trouble not because the enemy is strong but because they are weak. We just don't know how to wield the weapon properly to defeat them.

I recall that while King Ahab was in battle it wasn't a well-drawn shot that defeated him but one from an arrow that came by chance. Our enemies are well-armored but our arrows must not come by chance but from the living God who is the truth himself.

Yet if we don't wield our sword right, we may cause several chinks in the armor of th enemy but we will never ultimately defeat them unless we have that one thrust that gets to their heart. Otherwise, such an enemy will fight forever.

I am reminded of World War 2 where we were sure to win after Hitler surrendered but Japan refused to. They would send young boys on planes that would crash into our boats. Thus, they would kill themselves but hopefully damage our boats.

It was plain we would win eventually but how could we end the battle? It took a large blow straight to the heart of Japan in the form of 2 atomic bombs to defeat them. Then, they were forced to admit they could not stand against the new weapon.

But if I were flying the plane that dropped it, how would I do so? My suggestion would be "You push this button here on the control panel that says 'drop atomic bomb.' My suggestion would probably be wrong though seeing as I don't know how to handle the weapon.

Moving on, I don't even know how to build the weapon or what goes into it entirely or how it works entirely. I just know that it is effective.

I believe we must view the truth in the same way. The truth is a powerful weapon that can devestate the other side when it hits. We may not know all about it but we probably know the basics. However, to even know basics at times would require some training such as which button to push to drop the bomb and how to fly the plane. God has constructed the weapon in himself. He has placed it in our hands. It is up to us to use it.

I only pray that we wield it right.

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