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Article: Invasion of the Soul Snatchers

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Nick P.

A few years ago there was a car commercial talking about love at first sight. I forget the company now sadly. The commercial said things like we don't say "Look at her. She looks loyal." or "Check out the humility on that guy." No. Love at first sight is based on one thing. Sight.

Might I say first off that love doesn't go just by sight. Infatuation and admiration can but love goes deeper than the physical senses. However, the point also seems to be made that when you see a person you just see a body. You can't see any inner characteristics.

When I was in first grade, the other first grade room besides ours was seperated by just a hall. Our teacher bragging to the other about me and another student said you could tell we were angels just by looking in our eyes. Indeed, she came over and stared right into my eyes. Now here is another viewpoint being espoused.

I call this article "Invasion of the Soul Snatchers." because I believe that in today's materialistic society, we are trying to remove the soul from man. Instead, we are trying to say that a person is equal to their body.

Have you checked out the grocery store check-out aisle? Women are told ways to get a figure guys will go ga-ga over and the best ways to impress them in bed. When was the last time you saw on the cover an article about the inner heart of a woman?

Recently, America has been shocked by one event. That a 5 year-old girl would be stolen away from her home, brutally raped, and then murdered. How could one do such a thing? Yet if the materialistic side is correct, the young girl served her exact purpose in this life.

If the atheists are right, the young girl was just a body. She was not a person at all. She had no essential value. Whatever you would want to do to her was just fine. If the Christian side is right though, the rapist/murderer is guilty of a grave sin.

Why did we get upset? Because of violence. Note the word violence. The root of violence has the word "violate" in it. It means something of value has been violated. Before something can be violated, that something has to have value.

Our hearts screamed out that young Samantha was a person of value. She deserved to be treated as such. Now I think it's terrible but I think we should scream the same thing if the victim is 5, 15, 25, or 75. The person has value no matter how old they are.

Thus, let us begin there. Persons have value. What gives them value? First off, they are created in the image of God. Second off, they have a soul. This is impossible in a materialistic universe. The soul is immaterial.

Notice what the eyes of the Lord are seeking after. A man after his own heart like David. One who would stand in the gap. People who will not turn and follow the world. He's looking for the heart. If the body is good, that's fine but the heart better be right.

We all remember David. Samuel saw what looked like a fine young man with a strong physique and was told to reject him because of his heart. The Lord doesn't look on the outside but on the inside. Why should we base a person then on the outside and not the inside?

Look at Jesus's disciples. You never hear about the physical merits of the people Jesus chooses but you hear about their hearts. In Acts 6 they don't choose bodies but they choose people that have hearts for God. In Acts 7, the first of these dies.

But Jesus was the opposite of what society says. Picture the woman with bleeding who comes to Jesus. She is filthy on the outside. She has been bleeding for 12 years. Jesus says her faith has healed her. Her body was unclean on the outside but inside her heart was clean. In comparison, the Pharisees were whitewashed on the outside but unclean on the inside.

But in our society, men and women have just become objects particularly in the area of sex. A woman is to be used for sex indiscriminately by men with no thought of the commitment. A man is to be measured by how many women he has conquered. One remembers Wilt Chamberlain who bragged about sleeping with 100 women in one night.

In fact, ultimately, some atheists have said that it is not humans that are important. It's DNA! WHat does this say about prejudice? About anti-semitism and racism against blacks or any other race or group? Why not be prejudice against DNA?

By those standards, humans are nothing but vessels that carry DNA. Women then are meant to be nothing but reproducers of this. Men are to do nothing but help make sure the process comes about. The babies aren't little bundles of joy. They are future breeders.

This is something also that explains pornography. Recently the Supreme Court said digital Child pornography was okay. If you're upset, it's for good reason as you know the digital represents something else. It represents a person.

What makes pornography wrong is the sensual emphasis on nothing but the body without the person behind the body. This might be a shock but you are NOT your body.

If you were your body, then how can the court system work? Your body replaces itself in cells every 7 years. Thus, if someone committed a crime 7 years ago you could not punish them. They are a whole new body now and not the one that committed the crime.

However, we know there is more underneath the body. We know that there is a soul. The soul is valued in the image of God. Peter made this clear in 1 Peter 3. He told them where a woman's beauty really comes from and this is the beauty GOD desires. Men. If this is what God ultimately desires, should we not desire that also?

Let me make this clear though. I am not downplaying the body but uplifting it. My view will allow one to value a body but value more what is behind it. It is of utmost importance that we keep the sacred things sacred and not violate them. To do so is to treat less the image of God. We are not to deface his image through pornography or sexual promiscuity. God's image deserves the best and he wants his image to have it.

Let's not sink to the world's standards and change that. We are Christians. Let us take the best that God wants to give us.