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By Nick P.

Last night I was watching my favorite TV show Smallville. The episode was called Insurgence and in it, one of the main good guys, Lex Luthor, (Yes those of you who don't watch but are familiar with the Superman series, Lex has been one of the main good guys thus far.) starts to make his slant towards evil. It's slowly happening but little things take effect (Like his Dad bugging his office to hear secret information) as well as a thirst for power (A certain object he wants recovered) that are leading him towards this.


I watched this and I thought it was one of the best episodes ever and very tense as well. But afterwards, I started wondering how one so good could eventually become so evil. It is the nature of power to corrupt and most of us do have a price sadly.


There is a story about a man on a plane who propositioned a lovely lady on it. At first she was offended until he offered her one million dollars. She agreed and when they got off they went aside to arrange a time and a place. The man then said "I must admit I'm not as wealthy as I said I was. Would you settle for $10?" At that, the lady looked angry and said "What kind of woman do you think I am?" and he replied, "I believe we've already established that. We're just haggling over the price."


There is a lot of truth to that statement. If you would sell yourself for $1,000,000, why not $10? Are we to put a price on our souls? I recall the words of Jesus? What will you give for your soul? Is there any price tag you can put on it?

Now some of us might not have the problem with money. I personally believe if "my ship came in" and Ed McMahon showed up on my door with a check for $10,000,000, I'd probably after tithes and donations go straight to the bookstore and spend it on more books. Then again, I might buy the bookstore and have a continuous supply of books.


For other people, money might be a real temptation. Many might forget their need to depend on God for their needs. I personally don't see it as a temptation but I realize that for some people it is. (Many televangelists for instance)

I personally think my weakest point would be my ego. I look forward to my senior sermon coming up at college but I also must keep in mind in ministry what J.P. Moreland said, "You're here to serve a name and not to make one." I have had to pray for God to humble me a lot and it isn't a pleasant experience but it is needed for me.


Maybe someone will say, "I have no price. I can't fall." To that, I would remind you that Peter said that we shouldn't take pride in our secure position lest we fall. I do not believe a loss of salvation is being talked about but certainly a bruise to our egos. There is no man so close to falling as the one who thinks he is immune to falling.


I watch Lex then and wonder what my price is. I also give thanks that I have not fallen severely yet. I recall again the words of Richard Baxter as he saw a criminal going off to be executed. "There but for the grace of God go I!"

So what about you? What is your weakness? What would be your price? Where do you need to improve to stand strong against temptation?

Think about it.

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