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By Nick P.

I have been thinking tonight about an episode that once happened to me when I worked at the movie theater. I was working one night and for some reason I do not recall I was the only one downstairs but it was very very slow. Someone came to the box office. No one was there. I knew how to run it. I sold them their tickets. They came in wanting snacks. No one else was there. I sold them their concessions. By the time they needed their tickets torn, they had come to recognize me. It was kind of funny.


Yet I wonder how much of us have reduced our Christian life to this? Do X amount of Bible study every day. Spend Y amount of time in prayer. Do this when you get up. Do this before you go to bed. Use this kind of evangelism technique.


But yet have we gotten so wrapped up in the motions at times we've forgotten who the motions are for? How many times have we sat down with the Bible and not really thought about the fact that we are reading the very words of God themselves?


How many times when we've sat down for prayer or laid down or knelt or what have you have we honestly considered what we're doing? Have we really considered who we're talking to? Oh many of us can state the qualities of God like being Triune, omnipotent, omniscient, wonderful counselor, benevolent, etc. but have we really embraced what these mean?


In our fervor, are we becoming zealous for Christ or zealous for the sake of being zealous? Empty ritual will only lead to one thing. Empty results. I fear that many times the emptiness we can feel in life and that I myself have felt in my own life is because we have done the "motions" in an empty matter.


Today then, I urge us to remember who it is we are really serving. Many of you know I was thrilled when I got the chance of my lifetime to sit in the office of Ravi Zacharias and chat with him. Yet as thrilling as that was, should I not remember that everyday I get to talk to the one who is the maker of Ravi Zacharias? People often admire me for my mind. I have asked them if you admire my mind, why not the mind who created my mind?


Today, think of all you are fascinated with and remember that behind the creator of that, (Unless it is God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit) there is another creator. Esteem him with the highest honor you can. I realize I need to learn this more myself as well but I am sure that if empty motions lead to an empty life, then emotions of love and worship will lead to a life of love and worship

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