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By Nick P.

My Dad asked me yesterday when I was playing my game of Final Fantasy V if it made a distance with the music turned down. It is not a story (as far as he knows) so does that music really make any difference? I was agasped! How could we possibly think of anything like that without music? Even our favorite TV shows have theme songs. I cannot think of one TV show of the variety of sitcom/adventure/drama/etc. without music. Even gameshows have music.


Yet what makes it so important? Is it just having to hear something or is it more knowing there is a rhyme and rhythm to life? Of what role does music play in society? Is it not even found in the realm of Heaven where we have constant singing?


One can think of each note that could be played on each instrument and of each sound that could be made by each human voice. Taken alone some of these might be nice but some might be horrible. If they each played their own way one could imagine the sheer chaos.


But yet think of what it would be like if one could control these sounds in the proper way? Is it not what we call in the musical world harmony? The notes themselves can be hideous alone but when all woven together form a beautiful piece.


And yet do we not see this harmony in all of creation? For how could it be in a materialistic universe that chaos comes together to form a beautiful melody? When does order come out of disorder or harmony come out of dissonance?


Think of the wonder of how creation brings together the strangest parts together to weave beautiful pieces in the creation of life. When I am at work on my break I will go to the water fountain. There I will take in a collection of molecules of water containing 1 oxygen atom and 2 hydrogen atoms and it will form a wondrous flavor that is cool and refreshing.


Yet consider the wonder of this. Hydrogen can be a rather explosive element found in the sun and largely in part responsible for its heat. Oxygen on the other hand is an element we breathe in essential for life that we cannot really say has taste or flavor. When have you heard someone talk about how good oxygen tasted for instance?


Take this further and consider the delicacy of these elements. If you take just one more oxygen element and add it into the mix you will find that you are drinking a deadly poison of Hydrogen Peroxide and will soon die from it. Yet water is surrounded by oxygen all the time. The order of creation keeps bonds from happening continuously when it shouldn't. It is as if there is a great conductor who is moving the pieces together to form a beautiful symphony.


In fact, creation itself was originally a beautiful harmony but picture if you will creation as a compound that has reached its own homeostasis. Then, Satan comes in and injects into the creation the additional element of sin. This is what has caused the tear apart in creation causing things like tornadoes and such. Things are happening out of order as creation outworks itself naturally.


This is not to put forth a deistic image of God as one who has set the creation running and goes off to play a round of cosmic golf. God has set the universe in such a way and nature responds in such a way to such and such actions. It is like the furniture in your home. You do not have to be consciously thinking about the furniture in your home to keep it in place. In another sense, you do not have to think about breathing or your heartbeat in order to keep them going.


But in all this there can be a beautiful harmony at times. God brings out of the worst dissonances the most beautiful pieces of music. We see a cross and the innocent God/man Christ on it and the wrath of God being thrown on him. This was probably the most hideous part of the musical ever but then comes the resurrection. The resurrection turns into a beautiful crescendo of peace and joy restoring the compound back to homeostasis.


So is the music important? Yep. The music reminds me that there is harmony in the midst of the dissonance of life.

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