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By Nick P.

There were many fine events on New Year's Eve night I remember. I remember I had gotten back from my first session with a pastoral counselor and had much to think about. I remember getting the DVD "Triple X" and watching it with my friends. I remember playing Gauntlet Legends and Pokemon Stadium 2 with them. (Unfortunately also, my cartridge for saving on my Nintendo 64 got damaged that night.) I remember watching the ball come down. I remember us staying outside at night discussing apologetics. One thing I remember though no one else saw or will ever saw but me.

I remember the dream that night. I am a single guy and I hate it personally. To this day I'm even waiting for my first date and, it goes without saying, my first kiss. I remember dreaming about being with an old crush of mine right in her presence. One I never got the guts to ask out. Nothing illicit in the dream but romantic. A very pleasant thought.

When you have those pleasant dreams, don't you hate to wake up? You get thrown back into all of the problems of life. A few hours later I was rolling buggies through the parking lot of the grocery store I work at and thinking, "I wish I was back in the dream. The dream was far better than reality."

Then I thought about Heaven. I tell about the dream because I think it can give an idea from those pleasant experiences that escape us of what Heaven is like. I think my longing that my dream be reality is a part of what Heaven is. In fact, it's better because the wildest dream we could ever have and beyond becomes reality.

Am I talking about sex and romance in Heaven? No. Of course not. However, we do not that we don't really have a clue what all God has prepared for those who love us but I am quite certain with C.S. Lewis that it will be far better than anything we could ever hope for or think of in this world.

I told a friend that often times we can get bored in our society and think "What will I do now?" I think the reverse will be true in Heaven. We will have so much to do that the question "What will I do now?" Will be like, for myself, going into the world's largest bookstore and hearing "Whatever you get in five minutes is yours." I can imagine myself asking "Where will I begin?"

That will be it in Heaven. You can begin describing it by saying you won't know where to begin when you're in it which is kind of weird to think about. Heaven will be far better than any dream one will ever have.

The best part is, you'll never wake up.

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