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By Nick P.

I remember when I was a High Schooler in youth group on Wednesday and Sunday nights at the Methodist church I once attended. I wasn't as serious about my faith then as I am now. I practiced my faith but I hadn't devoted to deep study and didn't even know the word "Apologetics" yet.

You'll have to understand what a group we were though. I was the main theologian of the group. I wasn't as devoted as I am now but I did have more study in me than most of the kids. However, I was just as fun-loving as them and probably still am. Before the class we'd all bring our gameboys. It was the only chance we got to meet and play each other.

I remember we were watching a video one night and were hearing questions about Heaven. I remember all that I'd heard we'd do in Heaven. We'd be sitting on clouds playing harps and singing. With such an image,  was it any wonder that some members asked if we would be bored in Heaven?

What a shock when the speaker was asked about what might be in Heaven. He said several things all speculation though afterwards saying what was there would be far greater. One item on the list leaped out on some of us though. He siad "7-Dimensional video games?"

What a thought! We were thinking the rest of the time what it might be like. Astronomers such as Hugh Ross now tell us there are 10 dimensions. I could only name 4 now. I didn't need to know them though. It was the thought that God could create something that amazing for us, whatever it was, for us to enjoy.

Maybe in many ways my tastes haven't changed as I'm still the gamer I was then but my devotion has increased and I know Heaven will be more than 7-dimensional video games. (Of course, if they're there, I won't complain.) As a pleasure-lover though, I have wondered what it will be?

The other night at work when things were slow we were sitting around (Well standing actually) and my fellow workers started complaining that they were bored. I gave my suggestion then. Find a deep topic and think about it endlessly. Ponder something like eternity.

I thought about us waiting though for when we would go home. Then I wondered, "Will there be waiting in Heaven?" Now to answer this I must first ask if there will be time in Heaven. I believe there will be because there will be the progression of events. Heaven will not be an entire stillshot. (Rev. 8:1 is an example which in an aside has jokingly been used as a prooftext that women won't be in Heaven or else it wouldn't be silent. Now I've got all the women mad at me. Oh well. Onward.)

Time will be there but it won't have an effect on us. I don't know the laws of physics in Heaven but I doubt the second Law of Thermodynamics will not be there. If it is, it will be in a different form than here for time will leave no wear and tear on us.

But will there be waiting? Now this I do not think so! That would imply that at any one time that our needs are not met and our hopes are not fulfilled. So what will be the joy of Heaven? Every moment of time will be the best moment that it could possibly be!

But what will we be doing? I used to think that if something wouldn't be in Heaven then we shouldn't enjoy it on Earth. I've rejected that view now. The response of Jesus to the Sadducees was a key Scripture to help with that. The Bible emphasizes over and over that marriage and sexuality are good things but these will not be in Heaven. Would that mean we can't enjoy them on Earth? Absolutely not!

But what if the joys of Earth were corresponding to greater joys in Heaven? Marriage and sexuality show the joys of unity, love, and acceptance. When we get to Heaven, we will be in that kind of relationship with God.

I just finished the Master Quest of Legend of Zelda Sunday afternoon also. I thought about the great series and how the hero, Link, has to explore dungeons and strange lands and search every nook and cranny to progress forward. That sense of adventure is exciting!

But think about corresponding that to Heaven! All of eternity to explore every nook and cranny of the universe! The curious and scientific minds among us will be going crazy with joy looking around all the cosmos and seeing how well things work now.

Are you aware that on this Earth that 1 cubic centimeter of DNA contains enough information for 1 trillion CDs? A website I found said a stack of 18 CDs was 10 inches high. Going through that Math I determined that such a stack would reach from here to the moon 3.67 times. (This is readily testable. We all just have to pile up our AOL CDs together.)

Microbiology is finding a lot but imagine how well our minds will function then to explore the depths of the universe! I believe our personalities will carry over as well. I can picture there will be some who will enjoy singing forever but I'll be wanting to get together with minds like Paul and Daniel and Isaiah and discussing deep theology for all eternity.

Our joy of justice will be met as well as we enjoy justice on this Earth. (If you don't believe that, see how well comic books, action movies, action TV shows, video games,  and other such things sell.) In Heaven, we will know perfect justice has taken place forever and it was for the glory of God.

Could I be missing some pleasures? No doubt. I am more of the belief today though that the greatest pleasures on Earth are to correspond to a greater pleasure in Heaven. God made our likes the way he did for a reason. He knows the perfect way to satisfy them. Truly Paul was right when he described it in quoting Isaiah.

No eye has seen,
No ear has heard,
No mind has conceived,
What God has prepared for those who love him.

I look forward to it. How about you?

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