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By Nick P.

About a month or so ago I came home from college one afternoon feeling rotten. No. It wasn't emotional or spiritual. It was physical. I even passed up going to the gym that night because I was in no condition to go. Well things got worse and the next day which was a Saturday I went to see a doctor. Turns out I had Strep Throat. Fun Fun Fun.
So that day and the next day were spent at home recovering. I had PALtalk to keep me company although looking back probably using voice chat when my throat was killing me was probably not a good idea. (If anybody else has PALtalk my sn is apologianick there also.)
But I did recover. By the time Tuesday rolled around which was when the college week started again I was able to go. It was really an amazing change when I looked back on it. Going from the state of pure misery to that of relief over a period of a few days. Thank God for modern medical technology.
But this made me think of our immune system. We know that diseases we can treat easily these days used to kill millions. Polio and Smallpox both have vaccines for them. We'll probably one day have a vaccine for SARS. I'm not too confident about the AIDS virus as it keeps changing and part of me does think AIDS could very well be a judgment from God. (Yes. I know innocents have died of AIDS as well though and I have full sympathy for them. I don't think they're being judged.)
But what does modern science tell us at the same time? That we are a random bunch of molecules all put together. Now if this is true I have one question I can think of and Michael Behe brings it up in his book "Darwin's Black Box" as well. That question is, "Where did our immune system come from?"
Consider this. The immune system is a complex piece of work. WIthout the immune system, we are prone to so many diseases. We've heard stories of children born without an immune system. They have to be watched very closely. An evangelist at our church a few months ago told us that his grandson has that condition.
Now if atheism is true, where did this system come from? The first time an organism got a disease it would croak. It would have no way of fighting it back. The immune system is not one genetic change that can happen overnight. It's a whole system change. One would need to develop a full defense to be able to stand against diseases out there.
So when I look back, it reminds me of the great work of art God has created in mankind. True, there are diseases but God gave us a brilliant system to deal with them. The fact that we are able to defend against diseases without even conscious apprehension of it shows me that there is some kind of creator.
Now doesn't it make you feel better to know that someone is watching out for us that much?
In Christ,

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