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By Nick P.


I was at work Thursday and one of our co-workers brought in kittens. She was looking for a home to give them to. Now I'll tell you I'm a cat person. I love cats but our one Stormy is handful enough. (Even though he sleeps most of the day.) Still I couldn't resist holding some of those kittens.


They were so precious! They just clung and clung to me with their little eyes open and meowing. The first one I held clung to my workshirt like crazy. I had to get help from someone else to take him off and on the way back he dug his claws just barely into my left hand. Well it's not too bad a pair of scars but those little guys were just so clingy.


And I thought about them. How many times have we really considered with that birth what is happening. There is something in existence that wasn't in existence before. You have new creatures that are taking a look at the world for the first time. No wonder they cling! They want to enjoy every new pleasant sensation they can.


It made me think of G.K. Chesterton's sayings. G.K. Chesterton said that God has no monotony. He pictured God saying to the sun every morning,  "Do it again. Do it again." The reason the same looking daisy was created over and over was that God never tired of making the first one.


And yet, how often have we lost the wonder of the everyday? Every now and then, for instance, I'll be driving down the road and then just start thinking about that. I'm controlling about one ton worth of metal and plastic (I drive a Saturn) and my hands are making it go where I want it to go. I am fortunate enough to live in a land where I can have my own car and drive to the places I want to go to.


Could it be that we have lost that wonder? Have we ever considered that once we were not and now we are. Imagine what went into God bringing into existence a being that wasn't in existence. Who knows what divine methods he uses but somehow he does it?


This also is one of the problems of atheism. If all is an accident, there can be no wonder. There can be no concept of a creator perfectly creating a place for us to live. I am an old-earth creationist and I am really astounded when I read how much work God went into to prepare a place just for us to live. God worked for billions of years putting us in the best possible time and in the best possible place.


But sadly, we've become so familiar at times with the gospel that we have a hard time pondering what happened. Sometimes I wonder how different things would be if people like us lived in a foreign nation and someone brought the gospel to us. We would probably be extra thankful and marvel at what has happened.


And so, the next time I get my Stormy and hold him up to me and hear him purr and feel him purr, I'll be thinking about the wonder of creation. God brought that former kitten into existence from non-existence. For what purpose? Probably to give delight to God and to put a smile on the face of us humans.


Thus, I say to you, cling to the wonder of creation.


In Christ,


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