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By Nick P.

Most people know that I sometimes like to write fiction. Writing has generally always been something I enjoy and I do enjoy the use of my imagination. Fantasy stories are so amazing because you get inserted into a whole new world and bond with fascinating people and creatures. Real stories are just as interesting also.

Have you ever wondered about biblical stories? I recall Max Lucado saying that one person he wanted to meet in Heaven in one of his books was the guy who owned the colt. Who is he talking about? He's talking about the guy Jesus borrowed the colt from that he rode into Jerusalem. Was there a prior arrangement? What happened to him? He wants to meet this guy.

What about other people though? Have you ever wondered what happened to the wise men who came to see Jesus when he was born? What happened to them when they reached their homeland? Did it lead to any pilgrimages? Did we have any converts among the wise men?

What happened to the two Greeks who came to see Jesus in John 12? Did they ever get to see him? What about the teachers Jesus talked with when he was 12? Did some of them later on crucify him and did some later on follow him? Can one picture them going home to their wives talking about this strange and wondrous boy that they met at the temple today?

What about Jairus's daughter? Did she have a story to tell to the other children? Were her accounts of coming back from the dead always asked about? Did she tell her own children someday? What about the widow of Nain and her son? What happened to them eventually?

You know, we could ask a few hundred questions about several people and not just in the NT but in the OT as well. Frankly, the Scriptures focus in on the person of Jesus. They don't really tell us about these other people which is pretty bad for those of us who are really curious.

But have things really changed today? I sometimes think we forget this about the people we meet. Working at a grocery store I have often told my fellow co-workers that everyone has a story. Everyone has their hopes and dreams and fears. We all have things we'd like to forget and we all have accomplishments that we like to remember. We are each unique.

I have also said that you could take any person you meet and make a motion picture of their life and it would sell. Real life is interesting to people. Guys especially know this. We know that when we gather and start sharing our stories each of us has to come up with a story to top the one that was just told. It's the male competitive nature.

And sometimes when we witness to people we forget this. This is why there is no magic bullet argument or technique. Different people are reached by different ways. Some methods will work great on some people and will send others screaming in terror. People are all different.

Maybe we forget that when we meet that jerk in public also. We forget that they had some events in their life that led up to that point. All the people we're around have their own lives and their own stories and getting to know these stories might be the best way to lead them to Christ and a true happy ending to the real story of life.

So let's sit down and do some reading.

In Christ,

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