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The following articles were written by our group members.

Articles by group founder, Nick:

A Theology of Sex

Yes. You're reading that right. Prepare to be surprised.

Reversing the Trend

What can be done in an age where the church has exchanged truth for feelings and is more driven by cliches than Christ?

The Beauty of Truth

If the gospel is true, and the answers given are true, then why aren't more people coming to Christ? Could it be our approach needs to change?

Life in Narnia

When Naturalism weaves a spell over us that blinds us to all that is around us, it will take some powerful magic of truth and wonder to set us free.

Article: Invasion of the Soul Snatchers

Is a person just a collection of molecules? If so, have we lost what a person really is? I contend that a real person's value is found in the immaterial soul.

Article: The Rights of the Dead

All the arguments against the personhood of the unborn could apply to the dead but the dead are treated like persons. Is there a problem here?

Article: The Self-sufficient One

Did God create out of need for someone to love? Nick answers one of his professor's claims that this is why.

Article: Hunger For Life

Those desires you have could be telling you something.

Article: Desecrating Sacred Temples

I am thoroughly convinced that one major problem in America today is we've lost the sacredness of sexuality and the human body in general

How does God fit into what happened this tragic day? (Greasytheologian also sends out its sympathies to all who lost a loved one in this event)

Article: The Humanist Manifesto

When a society that's atheistic sets out to make things better, are they contradicting themselves? See why atheism is really an unlivable position.

Article: The War of Reason

The problem is not that the Christian lacks truth but that the Christian doesn't know how to wield the weapon properly.

Article: The Problem of Death

Camus said that death is the only problem philosophy has to face. Is it a problem for the Christian worldview though?

Article: Is Atheism Defendable?

If you can't even defend a worldview, is there really much credibility to it?

Article: Head and Heart Knowledge

The pendulum has swung between romanticism and rationalism in our day. Is there any balance between the two?

Article: The Infiniteness of God

When we say God is infinite, have we even begun to grasp what we mean by that statement?

In our day and age there is an increasing tendency to look for God in big and miraculous events. Maybe we're missing the way God acts every day though.

Article: Why not Jesus If you've ever been told there's no reason why anyone would turn down Jesus, here are some reasons why someone would.

Article: Morality From What? Have you ever wondered how someone coming from a nontheistic worldview can espouse a morality? Without a firm foundation, you can't build a building

Article: The New Tolerance More than anything nowadays it seems that Christians are accused of being intolerant. Is this new tolerance real tolerance though?

Article: Mystery Religions If you've ever been told that Christianity is a copycat religion, there are some basic flaws with that premise itself that you should realize.

Article: Critique of Russell Nick reviews an assignment his professor gave him in a selection of Bertrand Russell's writings to point out the contradictory nature of atheism within.

Article: Knowledge Is knowledge really the enemy of the Christian? Didn't Paul tell us that knowledge puffs up? These are important questions in an age where Christian truth is determined by experience.

Article: The Heart of the Matter

What are the roots of sin and how has it effected us so much to this day?

Article: The Joy of Sufferers

Dr. Peter Singer has said that when a baby is born with a disability you should kill it. Nick ponders this while talking to a mother of a disabled child at a restaurant.

Article: Beauty

Like any guy, I'm a great admirer of human beauty but has an age that treats the body as the end-all missed the real beauty of a lady?

Welcome......To The Real World

Nick shares some about his life of spiritual growth with the hopes that if you share some of the same experiences you will realize Christianity is not simply meant to be "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy."

The Problem of Evil

Murder...rape...child abuse...these and other great evils like "Why am I still single?"...Sorry, got off track...Despite the humor, I have tried to author a serious but basic answer to the problem of evil.

Ponderings on Love

Nick rolls back the punches and looks at why we men seem to fail at love and how we can get our act together.

Tribute to Ronald Reagan

As America looks back on a national Hero, Nick looks back as well and thinks of how this great American president can inspire us to be great for our faith.


Nick ponders on time spent as a front-end manager at a grocery store. This article is his biblically based view, not written in biblical language though, for anyone else considering management.

Articles written by Stat23mj :

Articles: The Trinity

Are Jehovah's Witnesses right? Is the Trinity biblical? Is it truly taught in the Bible? Member Stat23MJ answers these questions in an excellent and thorough article on theTrinity.

Articles written by the webmaster, Tom:

Article: Jesus - History or Hoax?

Did Jesus of Nazareth really live? What has his impact been? Webmaster Tom in a paper he submitted to his English class shows the validity of the belief that Jesus is an actual historical figure.

What is humanity really searching for? Can popular culture give us any clue? What is the real meaning of life? Webmaster Tom has some ideas.

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