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Why Greasy Theologian?
Yo Nick!

A tribute to a friend..

I waited in church as my pastor introduced me for the three minutes I was to talk on what Communion meant to me. I have been a new member at the church so he felt the need to introduce me. He spoke of me as a good apologist with several comments I would prefer to have people find out on their own but were nice to hear but then said I have my own website. GreasyTheologian.tripod.com.

I immediately thought the audience was thinking "What a name? Why'd he choose that?" To be honest, I didn't choose it but my webmaster did. I'm glad he did it though because the name has special significance. Thus, I'd like to answer the question on how this site got its name.

As most know, I am a member of AOL. Definitely not the best service in the world but I like the chats. A couple of years ago I really was new to apologetics. My collection of books was just starting out and I didn't know as much about doctrine as I do now. Now though, I have a good-sized collection and am very secure in the reasons why I believe.

But there was a chat room called "Ex Atheists." Later it became "ExAtheistsForJChrist." In it was a man named Dave who went by the sn of Used2BSaul. Dave was an atheist until he read the Bible and it changed him. He saw himself reflected in it and didn't like what he saw and chose to trust Christ. He remembered how he had hurt his dear friend's faith and wanted to make sure no one's faith was ever hurt again. He was into "cold-blooded apologetics."

When I was with Dave, I found I was twice the apologist I normally was. Dave and I were an incredible team together. I honestly believe we could have taken on any skeptic out there when we were together.

But more than an apologist and a great mind, Dave was a great friend. I found I could talk to him about anything. Dave was a great soul to be around. He brought joy to everyone he came across. Even skeptics at times couldn't help but love this guy. He never had an unkind thing to say about anyone. He let it be known that he loved everyone.

Dave had his problems though. When some friends of mine and I as well first saw his picture we thought he looked like a biker. That started the large collection of "grease jokes." Dave always laughed whenever we did that. He was a man that could enjoy being the butt of the joke because he knew we all loved him. And we really did.

Dave had been trying to lose weight. He had just had a new daughter named Katharine Grace. She was the cutest little girl when we saw her picture. However, Dave had had three heart attacks already. One of them I clearly remember was in the time I knew him well. He had congestive heart failure. We all kept praying he would recover.

Dave to me sent a letter with a thanks for being his friend and loving him. He sent me a picture of him as well and his old earring though he told me not to wear it because it would make me look gay. Dave was good for a laugh. He also sent me a book called "The Mind of God" by Paul Davies. It was an interesting read I did enjoy but complex.

It was the last I heard from him. It was in April. That same month I met Ravi Zacharias. Dave had been preparing me for my meet. He saw something in me and wanted me to be the best I could be.

I regret I never got to tell Dave about it. We found out he died in his sleep of a heart attack in late March.

Many people lost something special. Some lost a friend. I know I did. Katharine lost a father. His wife Barbara (Whom he called "She who must be obeyed") lost a husband. His other friend Nick (Not I though we have the same name) lost a neighbor. For me though, I think it was something special no one else had. I lost not only a dear friend but a mentor.

All Dave did was change lives with his message and countless friendships were formed in his chat room. In fact, my webmaster and I met in his chat room and we've been great friends to this day. What Dave was to me, I hope I am to him. Dave was something special and whenever I think of him in Heaven, I think it's all the greasier definitely because he's there but he's also brought his own special touch of love and one of the joys of Heaven will be reuniting with Dave and other loved ones.

So whenever someone says "Why that name for your website?" or I even give it to someone, I can't help but smile. I think of the man who made a major impact on my life. If I could talk to him now, I'd tell him I love him and miss him. I'll keep an eye on the flock the best I can down here until I unite with him in Heaven.

In honor of Dave.

In Christ,

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